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Journey to a remarkable product

One of the hardest things you realize when you are building a product company is that the product is the bread and butter of everything. If you screw up the product, you’d end up with a shell of what you want to build. With that understanding, keeping your spirit up and focusing on the product and the final vision of what you want to accomplish isn’t easy.

One thing I personally realized was that – what can go wrong will go wrong in this world. For example – from the moment I started my entrepreneurship journey I had to go through vehicle accidents, relationship problems, employee-related problems, and company related problems. The fact that obstacles are always in your path and you have to keep moving forward is one hell of a realization. This realization sometimes daunts you. If you ever make any plan, you soon realize that plans go out of the window when the reality hits you.

What can go wrong will go wrong in this world 🙁

Reality is always there to remind us that unless you are willing to put the 200% work to push for your vision or your dream, then you are going to lose. This is the nature of the game.

One of the helpful things I have found out personally is that sometimes it helps to look at the situation away from yourself. You’ll be able to see a beautiful soul struggling and fighting for something he believes in. You’ll also be able to appreciate the good things that you barely notice. I am not talking about listening to birds or that fresh feeling you get when you get your caffeine hit. I am talking about the exhilarating walks that you take with your teammates where you’ll talk about the future and how your product is going to change the world. I am talking about the feeling that you get when you have hit a major milestone that you have been grinding for months.

Sometimes you don’t notice these things. Mainly cause – us entrepreneurs by nature feel a tingling sensation when everything is going well. There is always something going wrong and always something that you can improve. That’s the reason why you won’t notice the good vibes.

I have decided to document my journey through the startup world, the ups and the downs through this blog in order to better reflect what it’s like to build a product and a company from the ground up. By this time next year, Alakazam will have gone to places beyond what I can imagine as of right now. Reading about the journey would be very helpful for me personally as well when that time comes.


Dulitha Wijewantha

I am a Product guy based in Colombo building next generation of products. Previously, I worked with Enterprise Middleware for 4 years.

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