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Why build Alakazam?

This is actually a question that I have wrestled for months to figure out what is the intrinsic motivation that I have which keeps pushing me to build Alakazam. I am pretty certain that it’s nothing to do with immediate gains (mainly as of right now it’s not a lot). Is it the possibility of building a unicorn? I don’t think that one suite the box either. I am trying to understand what got me to work on a product in the sales and marketing space more than anything else. 2 years ago-Dulitha, would have thought that I would start a company in Developer tools or Cloud computing. But strangely enough, I somehow landed myself to build a comprehensive marketing and sales product.

I believe this is due to the fact that I personally found marketing and sales very mysterious. It’s very mysterious mainly cause there is a science to it and there is an art to it. Science is what gets leads through funnels and how you do audience targeting and understanding what causes conversions. Art is where the emotional asks is blended into. Art is the graphics, the content and the conversations that you’d have with your potential customers. This dance that happens between a lead and a salesperson is pretty interesting.

Even though I had a curious interest in digital marketing, online advertising, and analytics, I didn’t dig deep into it until the beginning of this year. Starting to learn and understand Growth (aka Sales + Marketing) is not easy. There is a lot of content and a lot of tools. This complexity was pretty annoying. This is the point I figured out that someone gotta do something about it. Someone should find the one algorithm where you invest money into building a funnel which gives out potential revenue. And the funnels will be predictable. And the funnels run and optimize by themselves. This is the ultimate dream.

When you look at all the Mar-tech and Sales-Tech vendors what you’d notice is that the landscape is pretty complicated. It is this complexity that further makes it infuriating. Someone would say, you got to pick and choose the tools. But that’s not a good enough solution for small business, e-commerce store owners, and young entrepreneurs. Enterprises would also start scratching their head when it comes to all the parts of the solution.

When I started building alakazam, I created a neat framework to help navigate the field.

  • Acquisitions – Getting potential customers to channels and convincing them to become customers.
  • Retention – Keep the customers you already have and making them love you
  • Optimization – Understanding the customers further figure out upsell and cross-sell opportunities

Even this framework after a couple of months felt very stale since people don’t think in terms of boxes. The product that we envision is a product that is able to simplify this further in a very personal level. It should speak to our users and interact humanly. It is this interface that we craft that would allow the user’s become marketing and sales superstars.


Dulitha Wijewantha

I am a Product guy based in Colombo building next generation of products. Previously, I worked with Enterprise Middleware for 4 years.

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