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The vision for Alakazam

Imagine you are a person who sells organic coffee in Singapore city. You spend your attention to source and roast the best coffee. You care a lot about coffee and giving your customers the best experience when shopping for coffee. You invest in designing and building your website for your coffee shop. You give a personal touch to all the packages of coffee that are sent out to your customers. But you have a problem. Your product isn’t selling enough. You want to increase sales and understand how this growth will work over time. Wouldn’t it be magical to have a single text box that you can enter the amount of money that you can invest to get customers and output would be a plan on how to execute this?

Even better, wouldn’t it be better if it gives you multiple plans and can execute those plans on its own and ask for help only when it’s needed? The execution strategy will evolve over time with the results gathered from the current execution and trends in the market. This is the final vision for Alakazam, a growth assistant that runs your sales and marketing all on its own. Voila, you can finally go and spend your attention on your coffee and deliver the best possible organic coffee to your customers.

I simplified a quite a lot of things in the above story I said. But that’s the picture for the future. There is a quite a lot of challenges ahead to achieve this. Mainly due to the fact that the tools eco-system and what machines can right now do is not up to par. Quite a lot of research has to be done into how to execute this to the edge. And also a lot of attention has to be spent on the user experience of a product that is able to run your sales and marketing on auto-pilot.

The product experience itself would determine whether the business will find it helpful for their life. There also is the execution strategy of engineering Alakazam itself. First, we are looking into a very specific niche in the market and focusing all our energy there. This is akin to focusing a powerful flashlight on a very specific spot in a canvas and seeing that spot only with absolute clarity.

But thinking about the final version of the product get’s me super excited. Communication, Automation, Conversions, and Advertising running by itself and only requiring human effort when it absolutely requires so. I remember the Steve Jobs referring to this as computers are bicycles for our mind.

In our case, Alakazam is like a jet-pack to enable growth for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and the creators of products and services.


Dulitha Wijewantha

I am a Product guy based in Colombo building next generation of products. Previously, I worked with Enterprise Middleware for 4 years.

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