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For the longest time, one of my biggest passions in life was to experiment. This got me into learning French, writing stories, software development and many other oceans. This more or less gives me the feeling of Sinbad, the sailor that crossed the seven seas.


One of the biggest experiments I undertook this year was to build a startup. A pretty high stakes experiment but I am never the less loving it. Building alakazam also gives me the advantage of running large-scale experiments down the line with massive amounts of data but that’s another day’s story.


Starting end of this year, I am going to document the journey of experimenting different things. One of the other fun things about experiments is that you get to connect with different types of people all around the world who are passionate about a variety of things.

What does this concretely mean? I’ll be starting to use my Instagram profile to mainly focus on experiments that I’ll be conducting and also write about those experiments on the medium blog from time to time.

I’d actually like to keep my personal blog to host mostly philosophical and personal opinions. I tend to read my personal blog from time to time to understand an accurate reflection of what my thoughts were months ago.

I do keep a personal journal, but having a public piece of writing gives me chance to relive the public mirror that I was showing at that particular moment of time.

Managing energy instead of time

For the past couple of years, I have focused very deeply on managing my time. It’s understanding that time is the only thing that you cannot reverse and get back. Time must be regarded as the most precious resource of us. Few approaches I have tried included managing my time strictly with a calendar, loosely managing things with a Trello board, and then down to pen and paper.

Even though I tried to manage my time, I always failed. I failed where I underestimated the time required for a task. I didn’t anticipate other activities that will happen. I couldn’t figure out why I procrastinate on tasks.

I went back again to the white board to figure out what is the equation for this.

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Manage things with a Calendar

Time management for me has been a really tough task. This is mainly because I find time passing pretty quickly when I am engaged in interesting work. What I have figured out is to use a calendar to slot time out for different types of activities. My current calendar set includes –

  • Deep work
  • Appointments
  • Activities
  • Learning
  • Fun

Deep work is a category with no fixed agenda but a block of time to work on Alakazam design/ implementation etc. This is very useful when you don’t know exactly what you are going to do in that time box until you arrive at that time box.

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Work and Life balance

One of the hardest parts of being an entrepreneur or a startup guy is that it completely takes over your life. You start looking at every problem from the start-up spectacles. This is quite helpful when it comes to the terms of the company but mostly it becomes over exhausting for personal situations. But every person has a choice, and the moment you decided to start a company, your life becomes something bigger than you. Your product, your co-founders, and your team are part of this grander vision.

One helpful metric I found out was that you can have a line in the sand that aligns to your time. I personally find that line to be right now 70% work and 30% life. What this means is that majority of my time will be spent working and this includes even my shower times (I know, crazy right?).

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For the next 88 days, I am going to focus my attention to do one thing fully. What I realized over the years is that I have defocused to learn more and do more. When you are doing multiple things, you get on the zone and off the zone. Only when you are in the prolonged state of the zone you start to connect things together and fully understand the depth of the problem.

Till July 1st, I am going to embrace and restrain certain lifestyle habits. I have neglected my health from the beginning of the year. I am going to incorporate 3 runs for the week. This would keep me in shape. Also for the meal plan, I am going back to the cutting schedule; one meal a day in the morning.

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