Dulitha Wijewantha 🔮

Deep work

There is a caliber of work that I bucket called Deep work. Deep work requires your mind to sit for at least 3 hours and concentrate on a given problem. This would mean you tune out from all digital and non-digital distractions/ interactions and concentrate on a given problem. This sounds like an obvious tip but we forget this so often.

Especially for me, I get distracted from phone notifications or someone calling me or someone tapping my shoulder. I am quite receptive and helpful to most of these needs but I try to carve out time for deep work. Deep work is when you get to explore and work on a problem with complete laser sharp focus. It’s in these cycles of focus that you understand the depth and reality of the problem. You get to shatter the assumptions you made and understand the problem in depth.

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For the next 88 days, I am going to focus my attention to do one thing fully. What I realized over the years is that I have defocused to learn more and do more. When you are doing multiple things, you get on the zone and off the zone. Only when you are in the prolonged state of the zone you start to connect things together and fully understand the depth of the problem.

Till July 1st, I am going to embrace and restrain certain lifestyle habits. I have neglected my health from the beginning of the year. I am going to incorporate 3 runs for the week. This would keep me in shape. Also for the meal plan, I am going back to the cutting schedule; one meal a day in the morning.

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