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For the next 88 days, I am going to focus my attention to do one thing fully. What I realized over the years is that I have defocused to learn more and do more. When you are doing multiple things, you get on the zone and off the zone. Only when you are in the prolonged state of the zone you start to connect things together and fully understand the depth of the problem.

Till July 1st, I am going to embrace and restrain certain lifestyle habits. I have neglected my health from the beginning of the year. I am going to incorporate 3 runs for the week. This would keep me in shape. Also for the meal plan, I am going back to the cutting schedule; one meal a day in the morning.

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Startup Life

Startup life is mostly about uncertainty and understanding how to shift the rudder as we go along the ride. After deciding to resign from my job at WSO2 after 4 years, I am back to what I intended to do from the very beginning. I wanted to build an amazing product that will have a meaningful impact in the world. What I was waiting for was a ground-breaking idea.

Ground-breaking ideas don’t arrive if you always stay in the idea stage. You have to get your hands dirty. You need to quickly build something that gets into your head to actually see progress as well as see pitfalls. This doesn’t mean you have to write production grade code that executes with most optimal efficiency.

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Imaginary Problems

After 2 cups of coffee and having a round table discussion of what tasks are on your hands, you trigger yourself into the build mode. Then you start hacking away at your keyboard for a couple of hours and then realize that you are solving problems that may or may not arrive later down in the line.

I am going to take a real example, while we are building our new product with the team, we realized that scaling millions of events that the backend is going to receive is going to be a hard problem to solve. We also would like to trigger workflows and generate scores out of these events.

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